Dr. Nicola Wagenberg

I am a Colombian Jewish Californian Queer woman. I have a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. My doctoral research focused on the relationship between survivor guilt, and intergenerational trauma and historical trauma. In particular I am very interested in working with the guilt and shame that comes up when we are trying to heal and transform historical and intergenerational trauma. Can we allow ourselves to live the life that we want although our ancestors suffered? What feelings and affect and schemas do we need to allow ourselves to feel in order to process the pain and suffering and metabolize it in order to be able to live fully, permission to live fully, be happy, enjoy, connect.

I was a staff therapist at The Psychotherapy Institute, where I am now a member of the Executive Board and also provide trainings for staff therapists. I was an intern therapist at the Living Arts Counseling Center where I trained in expressive arts, drama therapy and healing the wounds of history work. 

In addition to my private practice I am also the Vice President of The Cultural Conservancy, an indigenous led organization dedicated to revitalization of indigenous wisdom, culture and practices including eco-cultural health and healing of native and indigenous peoples locally and internationally. I direct and facilitate the Native Youth Guardians of the Waters program where indigenous young adults who reclaim, reconnect and decolonize. 

License:  Lic.psy27376



"Linking Ancestral Seeds and Waters to the Indigenous Places We Inhabit"
co-authored with Melissa K. Nelson, PhD, in
Ecological and Social Healing: Multicultural Women's Voices

Holocaust Kickboxer: Descent and Transformation of Intergenerational Trauma